Pastagames is a small video game company based in Paris, France.

Our core-team is composed of 3 founding partners, who have been working together for more than 15 years:
Fabien, the jack-of-all-trades; Fabrice, the itchy-trigger-finger-coder;
Nadim, the maker-of-games.

Linguini is a partner like no other, he’s our in-house 2D & 3D game engine. Highly versatile and portable, he allows us to swiftly target new platforms.

Many great folks have joined and left the team through the years. Kudos to Camille, the colour-fiddler, Julien, the finger-coder and to Sophie-Anne “may her name be carved in stone” who protects us from horrible paper cuts. Xavier and Nico are valiantly singing the tales of Pastagames in this day and age!

  • Fabien Delpiano


    Fabien has known since his 11th birthday that he wants to do the same job as Kevin Flynn in the movie Tron: Game Programmer, and Arcade Hall owner.

    He has been trying hard ever since.

  • Fabrice Kocik


    “I love programming,
    I love chopping firewood

    and I love when a plan comes together.”

  • Nadim Haddad


    Luckiest man on earth since 2004.

    Never wants to go to bed.

Hall of fame

Art Overlords

& Minions

Code Overlords

& Minions

GD & LD Overlords

& Minions

Sound Design Overlords

& Minions

  • Julien Cautru

Production Overlords

  • Fredéric Sommers

& Minions

  • Sacha Szymoniak

Administrative Vigilante

Q&A Overlord

  • Ewen Meheust