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Pix the Cat

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Pix the Cat is an intense arcade game that will challenge your reflexes and your wits, pitting you against your friends and the world in a race to the highest score!

Pix the Cat offers 4 game modes that mix and match delights from good ol’ games as Pac-Man, Snake and Bomberman!


This is the game’s core! Its neon-disco look & feel will tease your optical taste buds. In a frantic race against the clock, rack up massive points to make the leaderboards! Each move is critical to skyrocket to the top of the ladder. So keep your reflexes razor-sharp and your eyes peeled to find the best way to perform PERFECTS in the levels as they come at you full throttle! Compete against the ghost of your best run, your friends’ best runs or even the devs’ to learn from their routes and gain valuable seconds along with boasting rights! Let alone becoming a Scoreboard Sensei and teach others how to master the game!

Your goal is to rescue forsaken ducklings from nested levels of the infamous GRID of INFINITY. To do so, you will make your way through flashy digital levels, pulsing to a galvanizing groove that won’t fail to make your heart skip a beat! Perfect your skills to SPEED and COMBO UP until you reach the explosive FEVER TIME! Go as deep as you can into the levels within the levels within the levels…

Unlock the THREE other GRIDS and their 500+ hand-made levels! And the pixilicious VOICE PACKS: Doctor DOOM, Mr FROG, Lady BOT… who are ready to bark at or butter you up throughout your endeavours! At the heart of the game, the Arcade Mode is where you will unlock the other game modes and many more surprising surprises!


The Nostalgia Mode plays like Snake but with a few twists. Collect the target number of ducklings to win. Make the best use of your environment to perfect each level and DO NOT run into a wall, get stuck inside your tail or collide with a baddie, or it’s Game Over!

An old fashioned je-ne-sais-quoi gives this blast from the past a vibrant vibe. With art that feels dug up from the golden era of black and white, experience an adventure oozing with surprises! Each of the 70 levels offers a new skill challenge and yet another blister under your thumb! Be swift to stop the crazy-eyed goat from chomping the Bonus Flower. Got retro?

This mode brings a variety of thrills and pleasures that blend into an old-fashioned adventure. Some levels last a couple of seconds and only require a few moves. Some are about being consistent in collecting a ton of ducklings in your tail without crashing. Others are tiny ant-farms in which you need to collect just a few eggs but getting there is the tough part! And of course many more which I’ll leave for you to discover…


This game mode presents yet another atmosphere. Its mellow puzzles are a breath of microscopic fresh air and a big change of pace. Under the magnifying glass, fire up your brain cells to complete 100 experiments with no time limit. Your results are measured by your number of moves. Keep them minimal while dodging dangers to collect the bonus stamp!

In here, Pix will slide until stopped by a wall or his own tail. You can then slide again and go on. You must collect each and every cell before dropping them off or it’s game over! Some puzzles are more than a handful and might instantly cause brain freeze if you don’t plan carefully ahead!


Rule over the Arena by jousting against your friends in this local battle mode hosting up to four PixBots! With two players facing off on the same keyboard, connect additional controllers and blow your enemies to smithereens in epic battles.

Collect ammo-eggs to use as missiles, to lay mines or to stun your enemies. Fallen foes will transform into ghosts that pursue survivors tirelessly. If a ghost smashes into a Pixbot, it will steal its life force and blast back into battle with a vengeance. This time, it’s personal…

There are many winning strategies to be crowned Champion! Adapt to your opponents to best them or blow up trying! Each of the Seven Arenas offers a different environment and urges you to change your habits to become the last PixBot standing!

Pix the Cat has many faces that combine into an oddball game that looks just like us here at Pastagames!
See you soon in the Grid of Infinity!

The Pastateam.



Rayman Jungle Run - Pastagames

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman fans to master. Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead levels if you have the skills. Published by Ubisoft.


Working on this game was amazing in very many ways.
Ubisoft asked us to take Rayman Origins and fit it into a simple “one touch” runner game for tactile devices. We had just finished the On/Off mode of Pix’n Love – Rush and were ready to tackle this complicated challenge.

They gave us access to their impressive production tools in order to port their Framework (UbiArt) onto our own Linguini. It was a challenge for everyone here at Pastagames; getting “similar” display results on mobile than on Xbox360 for the coders; taming the very powerful level edition tool for both level and graphic designers to produce levels that would be cool and still work on the laggier devices.

The huge success the game is still having (GOTY 2012 Appstore) is giving us a lot of visibility and opening new doors for our studio. Yay!


A.R. Rescue

ALIENS GO HOME!   The intergalactic highway is damaged and workers are fixing the big hole right in the middle of it! Because of their idiotic complexion, they forgot to put up a sign to warn space-travelers. Result: Aliens fall by the thousands from the outerspace onto our beloved planet. Help them collect enough scraps to rebuild their spaceships and send them home! Beware of the Crunshers that all looking to keep them on earth and start a Cosmic War!

We were lucky to be chosen by Parrot to build this game. It was a complete deluxe discovery pack for us: augmented reality, novelty machine, gyroscopic controls, and actual Hardware management within our software. There was a long R&D phase as they were still working on their SDK when we started.

To come upon such an original project to work on once in a while is simply wonderful. Naturally, the extreme restrictions limited our game-making liberties but the experience was delightful!


Burn It All

If the winter cold still lingers
BURN IT ALL will warm your fingers
If you want a long and sunny summer
BURN IT ALL there’s nothing hotter!



You know you do. So take a blazing hot adventure and help 3 little Flames rise from the molten depths of the earth to the Top of the World. Torch your way through 100 puzzling levels on this Journey to their Daddy, the Sun!

Get those worries off your chest with this cool and refreshing game.
Come heat up your fingers and Burn It All!


Burn It All was an attempt to stick to a rather precise plan and complete a game within a short timespan (relative goes without saying).
The only great thing about the game is the TimeLoop feature that gets you to collaborate with previous versions of yourself! (Cheers to the amazing Cursor 10).
Playing with fire and getting it to react in a cool way, both graphically and for the gameplay, was a blast for all of us!
Our lesson on Burn it All was that tight recipes are not the way to go for us to make the games we like most.


Pix’n Love – Rush

All pixel beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Universality, when we are in your thrall…

Thanks to the new-and-improved Pastagames Amusement Device, enjoy The Rush with never-before-seen playability!

Do you want the clearest, cleanest, shiniest pixels money can buy?
Choose Pastagames Amusement Device brand game consoles (any iOS powered device)! You get not one, not two, but three times the fun for the price of one.

Hurry to your local drugstore or the nearest app retailer and get yours while supplies last! Say Goodbye to a bland and boring life, and Hello to the laughter of children!

Warning: this game may contain residues of macadamia nuts and gluten.




We were growing a bit weary of various work-for-food projects when a massive desire to build a dot-matrix driven display came up. We failed to resist the urge and dove head first into an extra-hours project. It was a great opportunity to release some pressure and give a task to a special kind of minion we host from time to time at Pastagames.

At least twice a year we have 9th graders who come eyes wide open to our studio for a week to get a first contact with the professional world. We want them to do more than just play-test our latest production for a week.
So we set up a computer with Game Maker and invite them to give it a try. A one page design document in hand and a folder full of graphical assets; welcome to the beautiful world of video game making!
Our goal is for them to leave the Studio with a game that is not just placeholder populated. We had just released 03: Pixel with Arkedo. In it were plenty of great sprites and animations to work with.

So we designed a minimalistic platform game design with a twist. Pix’n Love – Rush was thought of at first to give a chance to these kids to end their one week internship with something to take home and be proud of!

The simple design got refined at every new trainee. We ended up liking the gameplay cocktail we had shaken enough that we decided to make a prototype our way. Then we got excited…

The production was cool for all of us: code-wise, the game uses a real Dot-Matrix display, each pixel has its own physics (shaders without shaders!); art-wise, playing with an existing set of sprites and modifying the rendering for each combo and game mode; and gd-ld-wise, using notepad to create levels (C was the cat, # a wall) and working the WarioWare hectic rhythm was amazing!

We struggled a lot to propose “good” tactile controls. It was the biggest setback we suffered. Virtual buttons on a touchscreen are a no go. Period.
To get back on the right track, we devised 3 one-touch game modes and added them to the 1$ package! One love.