A.R. Rescue


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ALIENS GO HOME!   The intergalactic highway is damaged and workers are fixing the big hole right in the middle of it! Because of their idiotic complexion, they forgot to put up a sign to warn space-travelers. Result: Aliens fall by the thousands from the outerspace onto our beloved planet. Help them collect enough scraps to rebuild their spaceships and send them home! Beware of the Crunshers that all looking to keep them on earth and start a Cosmic War!

We were lucky to be chosen by Parrot to build this game. It was a complete deluxe discovery pack for us: augmented reality, novelty machine, gyroscopic controls, and actual Hardware management within our software. There was a long R&D phase as they were still working on their SDK when we started.

To come upon such an original project to work on once in a while is simply wonderful. Naturally, the extreme restrictions limited our game-making liberties but the experience was delightful!