Pix the Cat OST available!

October 14, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Hello hello!

We’re delighted to showcase our friend @XavierThiry‘s excellent work on Pix the Cat’s original soundtrack!banner_OST
He has brought the game together with his delicious tunes. A large part of the “zone” feeling you might experience when playing is due to his ability to take you by the hand before throwing you against the ropes.

The Laboratory music has been carefully composed by our other friend (yes, we have two) and talented artist, @SylvainHellio.
His work is remarkable in many ways. It is very hard to craft music you hear when listening and that dims from your ears when you’re struggling on a puzzle.

Here’s a link to stream or buy the OST!

Xavier has been kind enough to share a little explanation on his intent and inspiration for the Arcade Mode.
His work with Nicolas Signat and Vincent Mougel on the Nostalgia Ragtime melodies is equally charming. Give it a try!

Sylvain’s blogpost will come shortly!

Last but not least, here’s a little gift for you!!! The FEVER TIME track taken from the OST to blast your ears away!




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4 thoughts on “Pix the Cat OST available!”

  1. Guys I was about to look for the OST but the theme which plays when you beat the levels (kinda like a fanfare) is missing. Where can I find it, it’s not on the official OST! It the best song!

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