Maestro! Jump in Music

LE musical platform game!

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Press & Awards

  • “Original, heartwarming games like this are music to our ears.” - Official Nintendo Magazine 85/100

  • “It takes a simple concept and executes it in a fresh, creative and unique way.” -

  • “It’s simple, and it’s fun like you wouldn’t believe.” – Tiny Cartridge

  • “The combination of rhythm- and platform-based gaming in Maestro looks goddamn brilliant.” - Desctructoid

  • “Another gem in the dual-screened wonder’s library!” - Cubed3 8/10

  • “Extraverti, pétillant et astucieux, Maestro chante la mélodie du bonheur dans votre DS.” - Joypad Magazine

  • “Un juke-box de bon goût qui ose le mélange des genres pour le meilleur.” – Consoles+ Magazine

  • “gameplay à la fois pêchu et original” - Gamekult 7/10

  • “Inventive and constantly evolving gameplay.” – Games Magazine

  • “We get to the grips with this insanely addictive musical adventure.” – Gamespot 7.8/10

Bottom Lines

Meet Presto and get to know him through a colorful, decibel-filled journey.
Use the stylus to scrape, rub, tap and whirl to the rhythm of the level’s music.
Presto will jump or get off a platform, flying with his small wings to reach the music score.

Can you get him to defeat the evil Staccato and bring music back to life?
Will he save the world and sing his love to Bella once again? Go Maestro!


Maestro is Pastagames‘ first personal game.  It’s also our first (and probably last) boxed game.
Our friends at Neko Entertainement supported us from day one, they funded and published the game with us.

It was a blast to build this game together. Intricate collaboration between musicians, designers and developers got us to release this ear-eye-finger combo game.
Maestro received a very warm welcome by gamers and journalists but failed to be well-distributed enough to reach its audience. In other words, we lost all our precious savings on that one…

“Looks great but where can I buy the game?” was a running joke for a long time. *laughs awkwardly*

We secretly covet a wish to re-make this game, or a sequel, or a prequel, or a reboot, or a deboot, or anything if we have a shot at giving Presto and Staccato a fresh take!