Baby Life

You had a life. Then you had a baby. Now you have a Baby Life!

Press & Awards

  • “Full-time caring simulation, Baby Life is very fun(ny) game that took an elegant perspective on the Baby Simulation theme.”


  • “Acquiring a child is a constant problem for people with no friends or general sexual appeal, but thanks to Baby Life, there’s now another solution that doesn’t involve attracting a member of the opposite sex.”

    - Pocket Gamer

Bottom Lines


“This is my Baby. There are none other like it, and this one is mine.
My Baby is my best friend. It is my life. I shall love my Baby true.”


Second “Studio for Hire” project at Pastagames. We practiced and learned a lot on user interface, 3D rendering, camera management and a bit of behavior crafting.
We had philosophicalo-ethico-ego issues from head to toe on the Baby Creation module. We finally opted for including a Blue Baby in the bunch. Endless stormy arguments with our client lead to “The DiaperGate”. We prevailed and there is no apparent filth in the game. Yay! Long life to faeces-free games!

The Bathtub module was pretty cool. The Babies’ behaviors and the clockwork behind it proved very fun in the Garden and many Toys you could enjoy with your baby. Last but not least, the Diner Dash-like game where you take care of all the neighborhood babies was a great challenge for us back then (small screens, tiny 3D lowpoly display, stylus management and how it covers parts of the screen differently for lefties)…